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simplicity, is a gift - colleen

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September 7th, 2004

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10:25 am - simplicity, is a gift
many dont possess it, and that is reflected in everything but then again some people are too simple minded. im going to start confusing myself soon but the ability to keep situations, stories, and thoughts simplified is an ideal thing for me to be able to do. my thoughts are too intricate and complicated for my own good. i cant stop thinking, it pretty much becomes addicting and somewhat dangerous when boredom nears. when it comes to situations.. complexity is something i highly dislike. not sure what it is exactly about the drama of fighting and deception but the confrontations that are so unnecessary just become a labryinthe of unhappiness that can be unbearable and for what, some sort of satisfaction that one is better at decieving and namecalling than the other..
the story part is just me being able to actually tell a story without being distracted by something minor..like food.
yeah didnt really want to babble on about simplicity but i wanted to say that i found the roots of my meandering thoughts
1. i never want to grow up..so on etc i tend to elaborate on that one alot and
2. despite some things, overall.. my summer was good

on a drastic change of subject i had a great weekend which leads me back to the 2nd topic of my last entry and no. i still havent found the words... honestly im very rarely at a loss for words but every time it comes up and i need to explain, the words just leave me again.. im sure everyone's had the same feeling at some point and if you know how to put it in words.. share your insight bc this is something that will drive me crazy.
speaking of drive me crazy, watched that movie yesterday and i forgot how much i love it. i either go for the really sappy stupid chick flicks or the anti chick flick with things blowing up but not much in between ha im sure if youre reading this youre sick of me just going on so im going to go change out of the pjs seeing as its like amazing outside
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