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addicted to tockwogh - colleen

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August 14th, 2004

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08:23 pm - addicted to tockwogh
i miss camp

my cabin was amazing, we went through a lot including all of our beds being moved outside by guy named brian adams..yeah and we never got him back for it either anywayy ill never forget you girls in apache... kyle and her rubber glove and bra-bug eyes who chases the rainbow people and kelly.. who gives out clothing? and sara the adorable one, jill... yeah jill was cool...the eye makeup was kinda scary.. emilie and her contagious cackle.. jen and our similar situations and liz and her out of control hyperactivity
the things that really made my cabin complete were the councelors.. jaime brought some new words into my vocabulary and had 8 girls saying 'are you serious about life right now' every other sentence and liz was the strict councelor that made us go to activities all the time and had her mood swings but she was cool anyway
i miss all of my girls in cheyenne (sju, sallie, michelle, kristin, and mary ellen)
i miss gabe and eric and mike and dan and brian and jason and ryan
i miss waking up kelly in the morning with kyle whispering whore get up whore aww little whore hahaha
i love it there and the only things that keep me going are
1. knowing that ill be friends with these people for a longg time and
2. knowing i can always go back next year as an lit

the thing is that those two weeks were a few of the best ive ever had and ill remember them forever. i know things will never be the same and i will never see most of those people ever again but im just hoping that the memories never fade

yeah i know sounds really weird i know but unless youve been through the whole tockwogh-leaving-people-experience..sorry to say but you may not understand but ive been in tears every time something reminds of camp or someone there and i cant even imagine how bad itll be when i get my picture developed... eh i dont want to go back to my lazy boring life in berwyn... i guess i have to deal
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: farmhouse by phish

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Date:August 15th, 2004 02:41 am (UTC)
hey whore its kyle! hahah wow no one will ever let me forget about the latex glove incident... but damn will that be one good x-mas card for my mom this year

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