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July 21st, 2004

10:27 pm - sitting here with suz talking to cyrus missing him like CRAZY hahaha
well we just watched dirty dancing havana nights and ive come to the conclusion that diego luna is a cuban godly twin of jake and that the girl should be replaced by us seeing as she didnt jump on him as soon as she saw him... yuppp so yeah i hope devs having fun at camp abiding by all my rules

anyone want to teach me to play guitar.. ive been working on piano still but im thinking id like to take on both due to lack of activities lately
Current Mood: artisticartistic
Current Music: glassapple- open door

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July 7th, 2004

09:56 pm
hey yeah forgot!
kars paying me to redo megs room.. i wouldve done it without pay but i think she felt bad enough i have to babysit them every day... so ive started planning!
Current Mood: happyhappy

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09:34 pm
everyone has their place, its where they go to escape or where they go to be happy, maybe even forget. my place was formerly the movies. i would go and submerge myself in the life of a fictional character and forget about things for a while. but i think i have a new place, i still love going to see movies but i can never seem to go alone anymore people are always with me i guess now it would be ideal to go while everyones away but im not really having any problems now so it completely defies the concept. my new place is avalon. not necessarily the beach but simply being in avalon bc on one side, there are all the renters on ocean dr that make it lively which i love bc its nonstop action, something always happening. then on the other side, theres the north end of the island, beachblock and its so calm and i love every part that comes together to make that atmosphere. i can sit outside till one in the morning and not get bored, and i love that everything is open and bright -- but yeah.. not going back down till the last week of this month and i dont remember why but im kinda ticked plus the fact that everyones gone except dem and suz. i think its weird that those two live about 2 minutes from me and i still never see them while im waiting on everyone else to come home

time to flop on the couch
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: just enough - baby blue -- early november

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June 22nd, 2004

05:19 pm
if theres one state of being that i cannot stand that is being sick and all of a sudden today i have a really sore throat stuffy nose fever cough the works.. so its really getting to me that i couldnt go to the party.. now.. im stuck at home to deal with the fam and whatever else may come this way (odds are its not much to look forward to)

and this afternoon i got a call and now i no longer have to babysit the kids bc they had to go to camp bc the mom had to switch jobs and now shes in town so eh im alright with that
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: secret smile - semisonic

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June 21st, 2004

11:47 pm
this is because of dem... back to lj bc we both needed a change and xanga is boring after a while but i know that by tomorrow ill feel some attachment to my xanga and write in both as i please anyway its been about a month since ive written anything and im sure that since then not much has changed except one thing. (i started to go on and on about the one thing but i cut and pasted to be saved for another time)
i think that my summer isnt going to be as great as i had hoped and i dont think itll live up to my expectations until i can drive myself around to wherever i want to go when i want to go there bc for the time, im stuck working for a family with 4 out of control children, taking my sisters to swim practice everyday, sitting around hoping someones around so we can watch a movie.. most of the time its moira and we sit there and eat popcorn with 2 little wild children running around her house. i had hoped for more time down the shore.. doesnt look like im going to get it.. all of my august is booked and the only full week i have in avalon is the last week of july, until then, its only weekends for me...o well i dont think theres much i can do.. ive always wanted a summer that everyone dreams of, having all your friends around everynight swimming or going to the beach being able to walk everywhere and finding some godly looking lifegaurd at the pool to go out with O! and today! i did discover a lifegaurd! not exactly my godly description but that never matters the big thing was that i went to the pool that i never go to instead of the one i usually go to.. so switching it up can make a difference
you know what else made me SOO happy i couldnt stop smiling--
i was watching reading rainbow today (yes go on have your laughs) but whatshisface was taking a pilot lesson for the first time and they showed you him doing all the pilot stuff it was so cool bc ive always really wanted to be able to fly a plane. who wouldnt when you have the ability to get yourself anywhere in the world with the help of an airplane and some lessons... i think that i wont be a pilot for an airline but ill have my permit type deal so that i can travel to any place in the world without having to think twice about it
same with hot air balloons.. ever since they used to land in my backyard in west chester ive loved them and i watched something else on pbs today about that... prettyyy interesting i must say.. i can start training for that this year
all that random stuff that everyone wants to do at least once in their lifetime, im going to do it all from sky diving to scuba diving.. if anyone else is interested im open to suggestions
if i have to work tomorrow im screwed its 1am now and ill never be able to get up so im off to bed

xanga- www.xanga.com/gonexawayxtoxsc
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: mikey snoring in the family room

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April 13th, 2004

06:39 pm - neglect
i made this name even before my xanga and neglected it and ive had quite a bit of excess time on my hands where i just love to procrastinate so ive resorted to writing whatever comes out or pops into my head.

first and foremost this rain. it has been incesant since i got off the plane saturday night. thruth be told i really dont mind the rain, but the clouds when its not raining are the problem. sunshine or rain, not much in between.
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: we looked like giants - dcfc

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